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Advanced Topography--Guided Lasik and PRK?

The benefits of Lasik eye surgery are numerous, and include immediate vision improvement, the ability to discontinue using costly and frustrating corrective eyewear and contact lenses, and broadened social, recreational and career opportunities. 70% of patients who now wear glasses or contacts may be able to eliminate them with the LASIK procedure.

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Monterey and Santa Cruz County residents are encouraged to contact us for a complimentary In-Office Consultation to answer any questions you may have about Topography–guided Lasik and PRK, i-Lasik, Intralase, Blade Free Lasik, all-laser lasik, Bladeless Lasik, Custom Vue Lasik, Refractive Surgery, Wavefront Lasik, CK or Conductive Keratoplasty, and refractive surgery for older eyes.

Surgical and Advanced Topography–guided Lasik procedures are provided by Dr. Furlong, M.D. at his conveniently located office at 2107 North First Street in San Jose.


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